Saturday, September 4, 2010

A New Publishing Endeavor

Russ Nicholson put up a nice post on his blog yesterday that mentioned an email exchange we had recently. In addition to being uproariously funny, it reminded me that I hadn't launched the new Calific™ website. Well, the cat's out of the bag now. I kicked the site screaming into the world a few hours ago and I'm terrifically excited about it.

Calific™ is my new gaming company. Its focus is on science fantasy, one of my chief loves. I've been sick to death of elves, dwarfs, and hobbits for the longest time. I want to mix things up. To that end, I'm aiming to channel some serious Brian Aldiss and Richard Corben. It's high time that the fringe got some fresh exposure. I'm going to start with some modules.

There are tons of adventures out there in the world, but to this day I've not found the breed of science fantasy module that I crave. Calific™ will start by changing that. An initial series of three modules is planned, starting with Y1 MAROONED ACROSS SPACE AND TIME. I'll spare you the details, as you can read about it at the company's website.

There's still a metric ton of work to be done before Y1 sees the light of day. The good news is that 90% of the art assignments are in. The bad news is that I'm not finished with the writing. Moreover, there are still the matters of editing, layout, and printing to be dealt with. If all that's not crazy enough, we've only just begun to scratch the surface with play testing. There really is a ton of stuff to do. Luckily, I've got lots of help.

I'll speak more on this endeavor in due course. For now, I want to keep my energies focused on the work at hand. That necessarily means continuing with the light posting schedule. I do plan to keep posting on this blog, however. The Creative Commons maps, while they may be few and far between, are definitely not going away. I love sharing my experiments with you.


austrodavicus said...

Very exciting, I'll be following this venture with great interest.

Aos said...

I really like the art on that web site (and this one). I'm also a huge fan of both Corben and Aldiss. Best of luck!

Scott said...

Sounds brilliant. Aldiss's _Hothouse_ is a continuing inspiration for me, and Russ is fantastic.

Blair said...

You know I love what I'm hearing...and now I have a new author to return to and catch up on!

AndrewSFTSN said...

Individual Thought Patterns doesn't get nearly enough love.

Aldiss is great, someone should stat up the dung loving Utods.

Dave Morris said...

Fabulous news - I couldn't agree with you more about hobbits, etc, and have just spent the afternoon scheduling a bubch of blog posts about Tekumel, so am ready to carry the banner of science fantasy into battle with you anytime :)

Matthew Slepin said...

That sounds great.

Man, I don't want to be gauche, but it must have cost a fortune to have all those illos from great artists.