Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ziqquratu Ziyaret: A Cross-Section

Copyright © 2010, Ramsey Dow. All Rights Reserved.

Today, I present a partial cross-section of Ziqquratu Ziyaret. This map depicts the long and arduous route to the Treacherous Heart and the Vaults of Cryptic Gloom. Therein lies Ruined Shibolaanth, the dead city of the therapsidians. Woe be to those who venture to this accursed place.

Please note that this map is exceptionally incomplete. Not depicted are virtually miles upon miles of unlit passages, broad halls, and cavernous vaults. One could spend a lifetime exploring the labyrinthine ways of Ziqquratu Ziyaret. Alas, it would most likely be a short lifetime, for the fauna of this place are particularly unwholesome.