Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More on Holmes YX

I'm still futzing around with Holmes YX. This time I am considering wholesale changes to several areas, including armor & armor class, experience points, and alignment. Of these, I'm simply going to drop alignment. It serves no purpose for me or my players and seems artificial in any case. I'm also considering mechanics for spell success (based on spell complexity) and spell countering. Why shouldn't that evil sorcerer be able to put those magic missiles right back in your face? Finally, I'm going to be dropping Holmes from the name since these rules no longer resemble anything remotely approaching Holmes Basic. Why false advertise? <grin/>

In other news, I've been reading Gary Rudolph's excellent Missúm mass combat rules for Tékumel. There are tons of mass combat systems out there, but this one is cool because it's compact, has interesting rule selections, and, hello, it was created for Tékumel back in the day. (Actually, Missúm is the second set of mass combat rules for Tékumel—it came out the year after TSR's Legions of the Petal Throne.) Anyway, it's proving to be quite the interesting read and is really firing me up in the inspiration department.