Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Remembering Expedition to the Barrier Peaks

I just love this.


Creative Coquette said...

I have to admit that rules hard core!

I wanna play. Did I just say that?

O, what I have become.


Yesmar said...

We're playing this Saturday! Remember that treasure map you guys found last time? Now you get to follow it to its logical conclusion.

Grendelwulf said...

I ran this game through my players...um, I mean, I ran this game FOR my players after they had finally finished the GDQ septology (the location of this module is just near the Vale of the Mage which is also near where Q1 ended). My players, when realizing their situation in S3, thought since they could handle the demoness Lolth, robots and such shouldn't be too hard! Hah!

It is still one of my favorites. Get an old school Star Trek Enterprise floorplan and you can have some real fun...


Jayson said...

An abiding familiarity with this module only enhances the comedy. When I read "you see a sign marked 'skeleton office'" I laughed.

Yesmar said...

I howled on several occasions when reading this spoof. I stuck in my Geoff Buck and all I got vended were these lousy carrot dudes and a fish dog!